Tips og triks

Her vil jeg prøve å slenge inn div. tips vedr. modellbygging (mer eller mindre kun for min egen glede)

Farging av prismer på moderne amerikanske militær fartøy
Periskopene maler du først svarte med litt sølv blandet i. Når dette er tørt maler du over med clear red. Det gir en brukbar gjengivelse av amerikansk optikk som har en rød anti laser coating.


Maling/grunning på resin
I always prime resing with a lacquer based paint now… and I have NEVER had a flake….. I use either Mr Surfacer 1200…. or  Gunze has a special primer just for resin out now… it is basically a finer grade version of Mr Surfacer … in white.,.. but you can tint with other gunze colors if u want darker primer….    for detail stuff on resin I primer with the Alclad Microfiller/ Primer…..  it is airbrush ready   and pigments are super fine…..


A quick guide on chipping with pigments

First spray/paint flat brown enamel from a airbrush/can/brush..

I use odorless thinners for setting the pigment, alcohol or water works fine too.

Scratches and dings go in really easy especially with a not so flat paint choice.

Just a stiff brush with a toothpick.

Brush in the direction of flow ie: gravity.

I can see possibilities for this technique in more targeted areas where you want really heavy rust like on fenders and corners.
I can also see combining the salt method with this one and achieving some great variations of weather effects.  By: Dave Beswitherick